Twitter Case Fundraiser Screening of The New Corporation

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July 31, 2023 12:00 am
THIS EVENT IS OVER BUT OUR WORK CONTINUES: Following our landmark victory against Twitter in December, we are preparing to go to court again soon. Support the fight for free speech and social justice. All proceeds support the upcoming court case.

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This Event is now Over. Our work, however, continues!

Interested in hosting an online event screening of The New Corporation? Check out #1000 Screenings Initiative –  we are now over a quarter of the way to our goal!

Protect Free Speech!

We are still raising money for the legal costs of our landmark free speech lawsuit against Twitter. The Canadian court’s recent judgment has opened the door to judicial protection of free speech on Twitter and other platforms, in Canada and across the globe. Don’t miss this opportunity to support the fight for free speech and social justice! You can read about our victory so far on our website, and what comes next as we continue our lawsuit against Twitter to protect progressive speech for everyone!

The New Corporation is an award-winning Canadian documentary film that explores the nature and rise of corporate power in society. The film exposes how corporations have seized political power and brought us to the brink of environmental and economic disaster. All profits from this screening event will support the ongoing lawsuit.

This is a rare and unique free speech victory against Twitter, and opens a door for courts to check Twitter’s arbitrary and imperious muzzling of speech. Your support will help ensure that this fight for free speech and social justice continues.

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Cool.World is a mission-driven social enterprise that focuses on improving engagement for politically progressive filmmakers, producers, and non-profit organizations and their audiences and members.

Cool.World’s flagship project is the promotion of The New Corporation film, an award-winning Canadian documentary that explores the nature and rise of corporate power in society. We’ve also launched a Youtube Channel – where you can now watch for FREE both the original film – The Corporation and Manufacturing Consent – two essential viewing films – that are more relevant than ever and serve as a primer in intellectual self-defence!

The company is also known for suing Twitter for censoring the trailer for the film, which resulted in a landmark free speech victory against Twitter’s attempt to shut the case down.

The platform provides audience building for politically progressive groups to share audiences for content on questions of social, environmental and economic justice, health equity, Indigenous solidarity, and harm reduction. Cool.World generates revenue through screenings, campaigns, and educational licenses for impact films. Its long-term goal is to build a data collective for progressive projects to collect data and metrics in a privacy-focused manner.


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