Smokey Devil – Underworld Street Reporter is a colourful look at the life of a renowned Downtown Eastside artist and icon who is known for his murals depicting the toxic drug crisis, memorials, MMIWG2S and many other issues. Smokey’s story explains his 30 years of experience as a graffiti artist and drug user who has lost hundreds of friends and family due to the worst overdose crisis in Canadian history. While raising awareness in his community for people without access to news or internet, he gives us unrestricted access to one of the most marginalized neighbourhoods in Canada where he paints the streets in broad daylight with no fear of repercussions. We follow Smokey’s journey from an adolescent growing up in the prison system, to a community activist whose contribution was recognized by the mayor of Vancouver in 2023, when he officially proclaimed March 11th as “Smokey D Day”.

Smokey Devil – Underworld Street Reporter