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Meet the people and organizations who share in our desire to do big good with big data.

Christa Couture

An award-winning performing and recording artist, non-fiction writer, filmmaker and broadcaster. She is also proudly Indigenous (mixed Cree and Scandinavian), queer, disabled, and a mom.

A media arts collective made up of queer artists of colour, who use artistic practice to share stories of queer, trans and intersex people, living, dancing, and breathing in the margins.

Drawing Wisdom creates and distributes films, campaigns, workshops and educational resources that celebrate Indigenous resilience.

An award-winning full service creative & digital agency that works internationally in the areas of health equity, harm reduction and social justice.

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Who we are

Kat Dodds


Kat Dodds was responsible for the marketing of The Corporation, and currently manages worldwide distribution rights. Winner of 26 international awards the film is still Canada’s top grossing documentary of all time, with almost 6 million recent views on Encore+.  Kat  is now managing non-theatrical rights for the sequel — The New Corporation. Impact Producer for both films, Kat is also an investor in Cool.World. 

Jen Evans


Jen Evans is the tech visionary for our platform. Founder and CEO  of SqueezeCMM, she brings her award-winning content marketing measurement platform to the table. Also co-founder of Tech Reset Canada, Sequentia (award winning agency) B2B News Network (B2B news site with 50,000+ UVs a month).

David Griffith


David has developed tools with US and Canadian companies including FinTech, AML/KYC,, Hallmark, founder of Kraft/Nabisco’s Planet Snak online community, and was Dept Head, UX/UI Architect/ Developer for the social dating app Plenty of Fish. Involved with several previous start-ups, David is working full time on our platform.