New Deal for BC

The leadership race of the BC NDP may be over, but what we have built from our work — our movement — begins.

Fill out the form below to stay looped in so we can plan it — together. We need your postal code in order to know what electoral district you are part of.  

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This list is being managed by Cool.World on behalf of the grassroots organizers and volunteers involved in the former AnjaliforBC campaign which is now over.* You will only be sent information pertaining to the A New Deal for BC  and climate justice organizing. Your data will not be sold or shared with any other party. However, you may be contacted through this list by groups affiliated with the movement we have started based on the list preferences you have selected. You may opt-out of this list at any time.

* Because our campaign is formally over, it is possible that new ‘containers’ will form to continue this organizing work and to help fundraise. One of these groups will be Anjali’s own non-profit Padma Centre for Climate Justice. For now, we are a group of grassroots volunteers who want to connect with all our supporters and continue to grow this movement, within and outside of electoral politics.