Georgetown MBA Ethical Leadership Class Screening

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Feb 14, 2022 at 9 AM EST - Feb 27, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST

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Event Details

As part of the #1000 Screenings movement, we’re hosting a virtual viewing of The New Corporation, which you can watch online.

Get a ticket for *Free*! Watch the film. This is a private screening for Kevin McGarry’s Georgetown MBA Ethical Leadership STRT 550 – Spring 2022 Class.

“The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel” is a timely film that has had a hard time reaching the masses due to COVID, but also because Twitter censored our trailer!! Watch the contentious trailer below and see what you think. Read the CIGI article about the case or visit our website

Joining the class will be Kat Dodds, impact producer for the film and plaintiff in the Twitter lawsuit. 
*while this event is free, we are fundraising for our lawsuit so any ticket donations are welcome!

About the Speaker

Kat Dodds got her start in advertising and media making at Adbusters Magazine in the ’90’s. She founded Hello Cool World in 2001 alongside the making of the original film, The Corporation (2003). Now she is CEO of Cool World Technologies Inc., a SaaS start-up launched in 2019 alongside The New Corporation release in 2020. Cool.World – is a mission driven company dedicated to doing ‘big good with big data’. She, and Cool.World are at the centre of the lawsuit against Twitter over censorship of our trailer. 


Join the #1000 Screenings Movement

Imagine #1000 screenings of The New Corporation hosted by changemakers, educators and organisers. #1000 dialogue sessions to talk about Climate, Racial and Economic Justice, connecting the dots between Colonialism, Capitalism and Corporations. Imagine what digital organizing and digital democracy would look like if we the people had our say. A million engaged people, all ready to take action! That is our vision. Join us!