The New Corporation Screening

Tackling the 3C's: Colonialism, Capitalism, Corporations

Hosted by

Padma Centre for Climate Justice

access to film

Sept 2, 2021 - Sep 5, 2021

live q&a starts

Sept 3, 2021 12:00 pm


Free with optional donation

live q&a starts in



This by-donation screening of The New Corporation was held as part of Cool.World’s premiere Salon Series of webinars. Hosted by Padma Centre For Climate Justice, they will be announcing the next series of events held as part of our #1000 Screenings campaign very soon.

Event Details

HOW IT WORKS: Once you register for this event and get your ticket (which could be from FREE to a sliding ticket scale, or whatever donation you would like to give us), you will be able to log in to the view the film at the time listed above. The June 15 screening was being held as part of the Salon Series: Decolonizing Digital Strategies. which included a webinar on June 17 which is now archived! (Film’s runtime is 1 hour 47 minutes.) 

About the Host

Padma Centre for Climate Justice was founded by activist Anjali Appadurai, who was featured in the film, and who is also the climate justice lead for the Sierra Club BC.  Padma’s mission is to bring accessible info and hopeful storytelling about the climate crisis, with a focus on uplifting voices of Global South & Indigenous Peoples.

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PADMA Centre for Climate Justice

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Join the #1000 Screenings Movement

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