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Thank you for being part of our #1000 Screenings movement for The New Corporation!

Part 1: Film Screening

This part of the survey contains questions related to the film The New Corporation, which was screened during the event hosted by Move to Amend. Didn't see the the film yet? Cool, choose "No" in the question below, then tell us why!

Part 2: Discussion Panel

This part of the survey contains questions related to the Discussion Panel that took place on September 24th. If you didn't attend, please let us know that as well!

Part 3: Cool.World Platform and #1000 Screenings Campaign

You are doing great! This part of the suvery is related to the #1000 Screenings Campaign and the Event on the Cool.World platform.

Part 4: Please Rate Us, Support Us, and/or Endorse Us.

Excellent! This is the last part of the survey and we would love for you to give us a rating. The remaining items are calls to action, which are optional, but encouraged!
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Endorsements will validated by Cool.World in order to ensure accurate representation. With this in mind, we will, by default, give you both the opportunity to review, and to confirm your consent, for our use of your name and affiliation.