The Corporation (2003) Hoovie Extra

Hosted by

Cool World

Film Access

NOV 11, 2021 at 9 AM - NOV 11 2022 at 5 PM ET


Sliding scale with free option

Event Details

“The Corporation” was a timely and important when it was first released in 2003. It’s still Canada’s top-grossing Canadian doc of all time! It’s also still popular with over 6.6 million views on Encore+! We hope it made a difference – and we are certainly not done yet. We’re also the same grassroots force that are now behind the “unfortunately necessary Sequel” – Hoovie is hosting intimate gatherings of The New Corporation and we want to make the original film available to you too. We’ve got a sliding scale from free to $100 and whatever you pay, it will go to our ongoing impact campaign efforts for both films. Including our current lawsuit against Twitter for rejecting our trailer! Read about that here, and enjoy this ad-free virtual screening. Thank you Hoovie for this collaboration. 

About the Host

Hoovie is a platform that supports community screenings of conversation sparking films. Hoovie empowers everyday people to build community through social cinema experiences – reimagining the way people engage with film, issues and ideas, and each other.

The Unfortunately Necessary Lawsuit

As “the unfortunately necessary sequel” to the 2003 film The Corporation, The NEW Corporation was being completed, Cool.World formed with a mission to do big good with big data and to work collaboratively to build audiences for progressive projects and films. When we started our promotion for The New Corporation we were shocked and appalled that Twitter rejected our paid ads for the Trailer. (see it down below) So now, so it seems, thanks to Twitter – we’re also in a fight to protect progressive speech. Because our CEO owns the Twitter channel @Corporationfilm, and because we had a contract with the film producers to promote the new  film – we’re now a plaintiff in the lawsuit against Twitter! We’re not doing it for attention but for the principle of it. Support us at GoFundMe Twitter-Gone-Rogue.



HOOVIE HAS JoinED the #1000 Screenings Movement!

Imagine #1000 screenings of The New Corporation hosted by changemakers, educators and organisers. #1000 dialogue sessions to talk about Climate, Racial and Economic Justice, connecting the dots between Colonialism, Capitalism and Corporations. Imagine what digital organizing and digital democracy would look like if we the people had our say. A million engaged people, all ready to take action! That is our vision. Join us!