Today is our day in court – Cool World and The New Corporation VS Twitter!

Cool World vs Twitter


We are in court over our Twitter case December 12 & 13 2022.

I will be live-tweeting from my seat in the zoom court from @cooldotworld. 

What is this lawsuit you may ask? Well – back when Cool.World was launching The New Corporation in 2020 – we were dismayed that Twitter refused to let us pay to advertise our trailer. And they gave us a bunch of strange reasons why citing “sensitive” and “political” content. However, author/Director Joel Bakan happens to be a constitutional lawyer! He and his cohort Sujit Choudry are arguing the case as a charter case over free speech – and we filed this lawsuit in July of 2021. Now – here we are with our day in court to counter Twitter’s motion to dismiss our case! Read more about it on The New Corporation website. 

Because I own the channel in question I am a plaintiff in this trial as well as Cool World. Little did I know that when the time came I would be up against the richest man in the world! 

But we’re not doing this for money, we won’t be claiming damages, only costs — we’re doing this to make a point – we were censored – for a documentary film that is critical of colonial, corporate capitalism, especially big tech. We are privileged to be able to do this — and it’s also on behalf of all the scrappy artists that are unable to get their message out on a platform that first makes it so you have to pay to have any reach, and can then arbitrarily refuse to even take your money! 

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola gets to virtue signal with paid ads for Black Lives Matter, and ExxonMobil gets away with outright lies with an ad touting: “natural gas is helping shape a cleaner world around us.”

Well, we are fighting back! 
Wish us luck, 🙂 

love and solidarity,
Kat Dodds – CEO of Cool.World

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