We are building a data collective for progressive projects.

Cool.World is a start-up aspiring to become a SaaS platform for shared digital audiences and a community for social good. As a collaborative marketing collective, we are building retargetable audiences for all those with politically progressive socially-driven content. We focus on social, environmental and economic justice, health equity, Indigenous solidarity, and harm reduction.

Mission-Driven Social Enterprise

Cool.World does not accept purely commercial projects.

Our mission is to improve the engagement experience for politically progressive filmmakers, producers, and non-profit organizations and their audiences and members.

Our flagship project is the promotion of The New Corporation film. We are also suing Twitter for censoring the trailer for the film! 

Cool.World Platform: behavioural targeting that RESPECTS audiences

Closing the gap for content creators

During COVID, digital marketing became the only method to reach online audience. Digital transformation has now hit virtually every industry, except film marketing. Our Cool.World platform is not only going to address these gaps, it will help progressive creators of films and projects deliver their products and services more effectively.

Bigger & better with every campaign

We bring together audiences, content, data, CRM ads, streaming, ticketing, remote-viewing, and event-based crowdfunding — all as one platform. We work collaboratively across our project silos to become bigger and better with every new film or cause related campaign. We are seeking Founding Members and other Impact Investors to complete our development in order to scale up our current offering.

Digital Transformation

We improve the experience for filmmakers, audiences, producers relevant organizations and fans.

The Problem:

Progressive projects whose data is siloed.

The Solution:

Fill in the data gaps.

The Problem:

Film and content has gone digital, but not film marketing.

The Solution:

Digital marketing paired with a DRM streaming platform.

The Problem:

Niche audience targeting gaps.

The Solution:

Our platform contains taxonomies that can customize marketing to niche audiences and retarget those audiences.


The Problem:

Film and content have gone digital, but not film marketing.

The Solution:

Digital marketing paired with a platform with DRM streaming capability.

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