Cool.World Presents

Salon Series: Decolonizing Digital Strategies

This premiere series of webinars explores the future of the digital space, with a lens on decolonizing our use of big data in impact film and video campaigns.

Cool.World is excited to announce our premiere salon series. With the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, we are bringing together thought leaders and experts in the digital and decolonizing space to connect the dots between story, audience, data and action. Topics range from: the rise in BIPOC data and distribution (May); tackling global inequities with The New Corporation through the lens of the 3Cs: Colonialism, Capitalism & Corporations; digital strategy for indigenous audiences and allies with Stories First,  exploring digital sovereignty  and democracy with Tech Reset Canada (June); Community Impact Campaigns celebrating Indigenous Resilience with Drawing Wisdom; and the digital-rebirth of the Harm Reduction Documentary Bevel Up (July). Offering a behind the scenes look at building strong online communities with new and existing digital tools, each case study will include pivotal moments that we can continue to learn from.

Now Over but You can watch the replays

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.