Salon Series: Decolonizing Digital Strategies

06: Drawing Wisdom

Decolonizing community filmmaking from concept to distribution

July 22, 2021 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM PT


Free with optional donation


Presented by Cool.World, Drawing Wisdom and the Inspirit Foundation, this webinar explores community impact campaigns celebrating Indigenous resilience. 

Event Details

Host Jada-Gabrielle Pape and her co-conspirators David Ng and Kat Dodds will be in conversation with Martin Morberg, project creator of the short film HIV: Healing Inner Voices. They’ll talk about their impact with the film so far, what collaborative filmmaking and distribution means in practical terms, and their vision for its future.

This webinar is good for Indigenous creators, allies, audiences, and funders who are interested in putting decolonization into practical action by letting Indigenous creatives lead, and in exploring how digital tools can help us do this work.

Includes a FREE 24 hour window to view HIV:Healing Inner Voices (30 minute running time).

Presented by Cool.World, Drawing Wisdom, and the Inspirit Foundation, this livestreamed Drawing Wisdom podcast joins forces with the Cool.World Salon Series for a special episode which will later be streamed as of the first six episodes for our Drawing Wisdom Podcast launching this fall on Telus and

About HIV: Healing Inner Voices

A Peer-Led Project to reduce stigma, build community and create cultural safety

Through the lived experiences and voices of eight Indigenous people living with HIV, this poetic half-hour documentary combines storytelling and the healing power of Indigenous culture to reflect on the realities of stigma and discrimination for Indigenous people.

Offering inspiration and empathy, the film offers up hope that understanding and compassion will decrease experiences of HIV stigma and discrimination. Most importantly, it will be a way to connect those who made it and those who will watch it, to community, and to culture.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.


Jada Gabrielle-Pape
Jada-Gabrielle Pape

Co-Founder, Drawing Wisdom; Podcast Host

Jada-Gabrielle Pape, BA, MEd is Coast Salish from the Saanich and Snuneymuxw Nations. She has a BA in Creative Writing and a MEd in Curriculum and Instruction and Counseling Psychology from UBC. Jada has been working with urban and rural First Nations Peoples and communities since 1992. Her partnership with Hello Cool World began over a decade ago. Through their shared work she co-founded the initiative Drawing Wisdom, a venue for creating and distributing projects led by communities, including films she has taken a director role on: “Circle of Life, Circle of Love,” (2016, Canim Lake Band); “Na’tsa’mat, A Healing Journey,” (2017, VACPC); “Strong Medicine,” (2018, CATIE/CAAN); “HIV Healing Inner Voices,”(2019); and “DownTown Stories” (2020) to be released this fall. With her co-conspirators Kat Dodds and David Ng she is launching the Drawing Wisdom Podcast this fall, which this webinar will be part of. 

Martin Morberg
Martin Morberg

Project Creator: HIV: Healing Inner Voices

Martin Morberg is a 2-Spirit Northern Tutchone and Tlingit man from the Yukon Territory. It is Martin’s goal to empower the lives and voices of 2 Spirit and Indigenous people affected by HIV and addictions while contributing to the visibility of these communities. Much of Martin’s work and activism is rooted in community and grassroots initiatives. Martin acknowledges that many Indigenous leaders and community members have guided and supported him in growing into the activist he is today. It is Martin’s goal to pay this knowledge and support forward to Indigenous communities and 2 Spirit people. Project creator of the film “HIV: Healing Inner Voices”, Martin brought together 8 diverse Indigenous Peers (including himself) to conceptualize, participate in and now distribute their own film on their own terms. 

“It was only through my own healing that I was able to break through that intersection of stigmas that was placed on me.” – Martin Morberg, Northern Tutchone and Tlingit; Project Creator: Healing Inner Voices 

David Ng
David Ng

Co-Founder, Love Intersections; Co-Conspirator, Drawing Wisdom Podcast

David Ng is a queer, feminist, media artist, and co-founder of Love Intersections. He’s been working in association with Cool.World co-founder Kat Dodds now for 20 years, and alongside Jada-Gabrielle Pape for over a decade.  He is a ‘co-conspirator’ in the Drawing Wisdom Podcast which he in-part inspired with his owe ‘Hot Pot Talks’ podcast series. 

His own current artistic practices grapple with queer, racialized, and diasporic identity, and how intersectional identities can be expressed through media arts. His work has also recently included collaborations with Primary Colours / Couleurs primaires, which is a national initiative to put Indigenous arts practices at the centre of the Canadian art system through the leadership of Indigenous artists, supported by artists of colour. He brings this intersectional and decolonizing lens to our grassroots engagement process.

Kat Dodds

Co-Founder, Drawing Wisdom

Kat Dodds  is CEO and founding partner of Cool.World platform. She is also co-founder of Drawing Wisdom and instrumental in making numerous health and healing related videos, including HIV:Healing Inner Voices and the upcoming Down Town Stories, which looks at stories of community in the DTES. Drawing Wisdom projects focus on stories of strength and love with a focus on decolonization and centering  Indigenous voices and the need for reciprocity and #LandBack.

Kat has been working in harm reduction and health equity for over two decades, in the areas of HIV, Hep C, sexual health, and in solidarity with Indigenous and LGBTQ2S people and projects with a focus on anti-stigma work and justice.