We are a cooperative marketing platform
Using the power of big data for big good our vision is to connect communities, stories and calls to action
What we Do
Decolonizing Digital Strategies
Our premiere salon series, supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, explores the future of the digital space, with a lens on decolonizing our use of big data in film, media and grassroots campaigns
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Building Virtual Community
Combining virtual screenings with intimate online events, films can deepen engagement for the communities they were created for
Community Screenings

Cool.World is about connection

Escape the Bubble

It sure feels like the big social media platforms have us trapped. The current digital landscape puts non-profits, filmmakers and impact producers at the mercy of the markets. It punishes and hinders grassroots movements, niche and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) creators, diminishing momentum for sustainable change. With cause-driven events and screenings moving online this creates even more inequity in the digital space.

Enter Cool.World

We believe digital transformation for progressive organizations and projects is long overdue, and will lead to radical results on and offline. Our platform uses collective power to inspire audiences to take meaningful action, both now during this global pandemic, and later to build the world we want to belong to.

What we do

Help films and audiences find each other

Filmmakers, impact producers: Use our cool platform to make your own virtual event screenings. Organizers: Host a virtual community screening of The New Corporation (our current campaign). 

Put the data back in your hands

Use Cool.World for your digital campaigns. We get results while you contribute to the greater good. Take part in our free Decolonizing Digital Strategy Salon series to find out more.

Connect communities, stories and calls to action

If you share our values of generosity, transparency, accountability, ferocious protection of privacy, and working for the community good, let’s find a way to work together!

Community Screenings, Now Playing

The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel

Who we are

Leena Minifie


Leena Minifie is a digital strategist, media, and impact producer. Notable work includes “British Columbia – An Untold History”, award-winning interactive audiovisual webart “Sense of Home” and “?E?anx” ‘The Cave’, and impact and marketing campaigns for “Indian Horse”, “The Grizzlies”, “Monkey Beach” and “The New Corporation: An Unfortunately Necessary Sequel”. 

Jen Evans


Jen Evans is the tech visionary for our platform. Founder of SqueezeCMM, she brings her award-winning content marketing measurement platform to the table. Also co-founder of Tech Reset Canada, Sequentia (award winning agency) B2B News Network (B2B news site with 50,000+ UVs a month).

Kat Dodds


Kat Dodds was responsible for the marketing of The Corporation, winner of 26 international awards and still Canada’s top grossing documentary of all time, with over 5 million recent views on Encore+. She currently manages worldwide distribution rights. Kat is also an investor in Cool.World.

David Griffith


David has developed tools with US and Canadian companies including FinTech, AML/KYC, Walgreens.com, Hallmark, founder of Kraft/Nabisco’s Planet Snak online community, and was Dept Head, UX/UI Architect/ Developer for the social dating app Plenty of Fish. Involved with several previous start-ups, David is working full time on our platform.


Join us!

Our opt-in mail list is managed by Cool.World. We respect your privacy and will never sell or misuse your data. We will send you information about our projects, and those of our partner members which include impact films and campaigns.

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