a platform for shared digital audiences

a community for social good

We help films and audiences find each other. 

The heart of our SaaS platform is the integration of marketing with distribution – all with the ability to retarget audience segments.

Our vision has always been to connect communities, stories and calls to action. 

COVID-19 means that, like everyone, we’re facing a major disruption. It’s a good thing we’ve always been digital! 

Stop Competing. Start Collaborating.

Use Cool World for your digital campaigns. We promise you smarter results while you contribute to the greater good.

Co-Promotion is our secret sauce

 Using our platform for your promotion adds value to any budget,  makes every strategy smarter, and builds collective power. 

Connecting the dots for networking change

Can staying apart bring us together? This is the moment to use big data for big good. Our platform will build collective power to inspire audiences to take meaningful action, both now during this global pandemic, and later to build the world we want to belong to.

Direct Distribution

License films  for streaming & DVD, and Connect for Live Events